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Verde Fuoco Installation

Q. I have just had a large granite countertop installation done, including two large pieces of verde fuoco, which are riddled with fissures as well as several cracks, some but not all of which appear to have started out as fissures. I want to replace these two pieces--one is an 84 x 38 peninsula with an 11 x 25 leg on one end; the other is 125" long, 40" deep in the middle 69" portion (with a 25" sink cut out at the front) and 25" deep on both 28" long ends. Neither piece has seams. Is it possible to obtain verde fuoco slabs for this layout that are not cracked?

A. You will need to do some legwork on this one. I would recommend that you call around to local stone distributors and ask them if they have slabs of Verde Fuoco in stock. If they do, let them know exactly why you are calling and that you would like to come in and physically inspect the slabs before ordering.
When you are considering any stone, make sure no fissure is so severe that you can catch a fingernail in it. Also make sure no fissures exist in areas that would be in front of a cut-out.
Once you have selected your slabs you will need to have a good fabricator that knows what they are doing.  

The stone you are referring to, Verde Fuoco, which comes from Australia, does commonly have fissures. Finding clean slabs that are 125" long is difficult.  Fabrication, transportation & movement of these large tops into the house for installation can all take their toll on fragile material. Although doing a seamless 125" piece is possible, talk to your fabricator about options. You may be better served to have a seam or two. It may be possible to fabricate the 125" long piece as one, then cut it into two at the shop. At the house the two piece can be seamed so the original veining is intact.

Jon Rathke
Artistic Stone
Richmond VA

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