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Travertine Patio Needs Cleaning

Q: I have had a travertine patio for approximately 10 years installed in sand. It has accumulated dirt from not being hosed or washed. What products do you recommend to clean it?

A: How to go about cleaning your patio depends on whether your travertine is filled or unfilled.  

Polished travertine will usually have its holes filled in with colored Portland cement. Since the fillers typically do not take a polish, they tend to give the stone a blotchy appearance. Unfilled travertine, which exhibits holes, is widely used on walls, floors and building exteriors. 

If yours is filled, it can be cleaned with a PH neutral cleaner. If it is really dirty, purchase a heavy duty stone cleaner.

If your travertine is unfilled, you can use a low pressure pressure washer, one that does not exceed 300 psi. Unfilled travertine can also be cleaned with the stone cleaners mentioned above.

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