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Stained Sandstone

Q: Hi. I recently had a patio laid in natural sandstone and my builders used a cement coloring in the pointing. When wiping down with wet sponges, they have left stains on the sandstone. What do you recommend?  Is there anything we can do? Builders are talking about sanding it down. The dye used was a brown color which is darker than the stone (Ivory). You can see the sponge wipes across the stone.

A: Based on the pictures you sent and the information provided, it looks as though the grout has stained the tile. The builders can try honing the tile to see if this will remove the dye, or a grout cleaner may do the trick, however, if the discoloring is too deep, it will be very difficult to remove. We would recommend calling a professional stone restoration company to conduct testing to see if it can be restored. 

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