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Stained Absolute Black Granite

Q: I’m getting ring stains on my honed Absolute Black Granite that is a year old. We’re careful about oil or anything acidic getting on the granite, and it seems all stains present themselves in the form of ring.

Please advise as to what the issue may be, and if you can recommend anything to get rid of the stain.

A: Honed black granite is very susceptible to staining, as well as water marks that appear like stains. I would recommend applying a color enhanced sealer, which will not only offer added protection, but will really bring out the color of the granite. 

The color enhancer may or may not remove the stains. The issue here is that with Absolute Black Granite, there have been many cases where it is not real Absolute Black Granite. Instead, it's either dyed black or contains calcium binders, like marble. To see if your stone contains calcium, pour a little lemon juice on an inconspicuous area. If it turns gray, it is not true Absolute Black Granite.  You can also rub some acetone on an inconspicuous spot to see if black dye comes off. 

Your best bet is to talk to a stone restoration professional.


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