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Marble tile etched

Q. I recently laid out 30 sq feet of marble tile in an entry way. The tile originally was of a high gloss polished look. After the grouting I had a persistent grout haze that would not go away. The instructions on the grout said to use vinegar and water to remove the haze. After 4 cleanings, the tile is dull, still has some haze, and now has what I believe are etch marks (look like water spots ) on each tile. I need advice on how to remove the etch marks, the haze and properly seal, and maintain this floor. Please help.

A. Vinegar is an acid and has etched the  marble. You should never use anything acidic on marble. To remove the etching the marble will need to be repolished. You can try doing a small spot yourself but it may require the services of a qualifed stone restoration company if the etching is too deep. The best product to use called Marble Polishing Compound. You can find it at www.stonecarecentral.com. If you decide it's too severe or too much for you to do on your own and and need a stone restoration contractor, click on the Find A PRO tab on www.stoneandtilepros.com.
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