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Marble Table Flaking

Q: I have a coffee marble table, and it has been stored in a garage for a year. The legs of the tables are peeling or flaking. How can I remove the flaking and add a sealant or protection that was once there? what products do you recommend? Thank you for your time & assistance.

A: Thank you for your question about your marble coffee table.

Since we can't be  sure what kind of coating is flaking off the table, there is no way of knowing the best products for stripping and resealing the marble.  Furthermore, this is not a DIY project. You will need to hire a stone restoration professional to bring the table back to life, safely and properly.  

Let us know how it turns out (with before and after pictures) so that we can help others who may have the same problem. 

Thank you again for reaching out to Stone and Tile PROS.


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