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Is there a product that will remove water rings from a polished marble surface?

Q. Is there a product that will remove water rings from a polished marble surface?

A. What are commonly mistaken and referred to as water rings are generally etch marks. Etching is actually surface damage caused by a chemical reaction from an acidic substance that has been left on the marble. If the etching is not too deep, you can easily rectify it yourself using a high quality marble polishing compound. A favorite of our PROs is the etch removing marble polish from Stone Care Central.

Just FYI, no sealer will prevent etching (aka water rings). Sealers are created to penetrate the surface of the stone to inhibit liquids from being absorbed.

So, what can you do to prevent etching? Use coasters under drinks. Clean up spills immediately. On marble vanity tops don't leave products directly on the them. Use a tray or something to display perfumes, etc.
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