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Is it safe to use acetone to clean haze on my granite?

I recently had ghibli granite countertops/backsplash installed and noticed a smearing/haze that looks like the granite was not thoroughly cleaned prior to being sealed. I took a rag and acetone and cleaned an area of the backsplash and resealed and it looks much better. Is it ok to liberally use acetone to clean countertops? Can I wipe off the granite with a rag saturated with acetone to clean the granite and then reseal? It seems like the installer used this method to initially clean but were not very thorough.

Yes you can. Mineral solvents are usually safe to use on stone unless you have a doctored slab. Before you seal your granite you should first determine if it needs to be sealed at all in the first place. Once the granite is clean you should follow through with routine maintenance with an appropriate granite cleaning products. Please follow the links at the bottom of the page under related questions
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