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How to Remove Discoloration Caused by Hair Oil

Q. I have a brand-new bathroom stone vanity and my daughter put her
 Argan Moroccan hair oil on it (there is a ring where the oil is). What is
 the best way to remove it? Should I use a de-greaser with a poultice,
 just a degreaser, or should I use acetone?

A. People don't normally think of stone as very absorbent, but it really does act like a
 sponge. Your vanity top has drawn that oil deep into its pores, and a degreaser will only remove what's on the surface. Using a poultice will
 help lift the oil from beneath the surface. Make sure the poultice has a peanut butter
-like consistency and apply a ¼-inch layer evenly over the stained area. Lightly
 place plastic wrap or wax paper over the top to keep it from drying and let it sit on the area to absorb the oil. After 24 hours, remove the plastic and let the poultice dry
 for at least 48 hours. Remove the dry poultice, rinse the treated area, and let it dry. If the stain lightens even a little bit, repeat the same procedure again and again, until it gets lighter and lighter. 

If this method does not produce
 satisfactory results, call a professional restoration contractor (click here to find a PRO near you).

If the oil mark has become a permanent stain that can't be removed, even by a professional, the last resort to
 consider is to hide the stain using a color enhancing sealer, the oil that caused the stain, or lemon oil as an enhancer. Rub it onto
 the stained area so it blends in with the ring. It will definitely darken the stone and should only be
 tried as a last resort if nothing else has removed the stain. 

For more information on stain removal please refer to our Stain Removal Application.

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