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How do I remove a plumbers putty stain from my marble countertop?

Q: Looks like my installer got plumbers putty on my brand new unsealed natural stone sink, leaving spots or smudges. Any way to remove therm?

A: They can be removed with a technique called poulticing. You will need to use a strong solvent such as methylene chloride to remove. You can find this chemical at most home centers. 

You can learn more about creating a poultice by visiting Stone and Tile PROS' Stain Removal Application

I would also recommend that you download our Stone and Tile Care Guide which has an entire section on stain and etch removal.

You need to be very careful with these chemicals. I strongly urge you to consider hiring a pro to perform this type of work. You can find a pro in your area at

Fred Hueston, Chief Technical Director, Stone and Tile PROS
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