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Etch Removal From Juice Spill

Q. We have a polished travertine kitchen floor. Cranberry juice was spilled on the floor; causing a dulling affect in small areas. We typically have our stone professionally cleaned every 3 years and it is not due for another year so I was wondering if there is something I can do to get the shine back myself?

A: Sorry to hear about the cranberry juice leaving dull marks on your floor. Cranberry juice, like lemons, wine, vinegar and some cleaners contain acidic materials that can etch travertine, leaving a dullish, white mark.  However, the good news is there is a do-it-yourself solution to remove the etching it can be removed—and return the beautiful shine to your floor.

Because your floor is polished, nine out of ten times an etch remover polishing compound will do the trick. Apply the compound to the affected areas and rub with a clean white cloth until it is dry. Then clean the area with a neutral cleaner. Dry with a cloth and your etching should be gone. If not, repeat the process.

Severe etching—a large area of dullness or one you can feel by rubbing your finger across the mark—will need professional restoration.

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