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Recommendations for Removing White Marks on Kota Stone

Q. Dear Sir/Madam, i have laid kota stone on my all stairs and corrie doors. after installation of stone, there were few staines on the paints and concrete staine while laying stones. As we didnt know, how to clean the stone, we used thinner and acid to remove those stains. but now the stone has white stains on the stone every where. when we mop the floor, as it is wet looks great but after dried it shows white stains. i need your advise what treatment is better to remove those staines or is there any paints can make white staine black or natural black colour. your kind help is very much appreciated. I would be very much looking forward for your kind help and advise. kind regards Hary

A. The paint thinner should not have harmed the stone, however the acid likely attacked the calcium in the stone, causing it to etch, or worse, erode the minerals. Etches can be removed by a professional stone restoration contractor. For erosion, there really is no fix. Paints or stains may be used to hide the damage. We highly recommend that you have a qualified professional stone restoration contractor evaluate your stone and decide on the solution that will be best, depending on the condition of the stone. You can find a contractor in your area here: Find a PRO

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