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  • Outdoor Countertop Options
    Outdoor Countertop Options
    A countertop that is good for your indoor kitchen may not be good for your outdoor kitchen. Here are guidelines from a pro that you want to consider when choosing
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  • Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Space
    Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Space
    Whether you’re a grill master who wants to up your game or the hostess-with-the-mostest looking for more entertainment space, there’s nothing like outdoor kitchen and living spaces. As you peruse
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Ask Our PROS

Q. Do I need to have my granite countertops sealed? I have heard so many conflicting answers.

A. There is very simple way to tell if your granite, marble or limestone countertops or floors need to be sealed. Take a drop of water and place it on the stone. Wait about two minutes and blot up the water. If the water left a dark mark, indicating that the stone absorbed the water, it must be sealed.

Do keep in mind however, that sealing a stone is done to give you more time to clean up a spill so staining agents are less likely to be absorbed. Sealing will not protect the surface of calcite based (e.g. marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, and some granite) countertops from damage caused by acidic liquids. So, even though your countertops are sealed, you will still want to take care to use coasters and avoid acid based cleaners.